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Kroraina T515

Fingertip Manipulation, easy and efficiency φ500x1500mm
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1. Spindle box

Single spindle structure.  4 size spindle bores : 50mm(2”)、80mm(3”)、104mm(4”)、130mm(5”) . Double row roller bearing(front) and precision angular contact ball bearing(rear). Spindle equipped with magnetic grating encoder.

2. Gear box

High torque, high, middle, low three shifts.

3. Motor

High power frequency main motor, max cutting torque 1600N.m

4. Electric cabinet

Built-in driving unitinvertercontrol cardhigh class electrics, IP54 protection level, reasonable and compact design.

5. Control panel

12.1” industrial touch screen with multiplying knob, speed control knob and emergency stop button. Increasing working efficiency with reasonable and concise operation.

6. Rear protection

Integral rear protection cover.

7. Tool post

Standard manual 4-position turret, optional quick change post and Z1 axis DRO.

8. Z axis feeding, eliminating transmission clearance, equipped with buffer limit device.

Servo motor + ball screw

9. X axis feeding

X axis feeding, eliminating transmission clearance, equipped with buffer limit device.

10. Z axis and X axis hand wheel.

Traditional hand wheel appearance with adjustable damping structure, achieving the conventional hand wheel loading effect. Internal connected with encoder, moving distance real-time displayed on the screen.

11. Fast moving handle

Fast moving cross handle + start button + emergency stop button

12. Spindle start handle

Three positions for forward rotation, stop and reverse rotation. Forward and reverse rotation driven by main motor, stop accomplished by main motor braking.

13. Tailstock

Scaled quill and graduated hand wheel, two size quill diameters(75mm & 80mm).

14. Cooling

External cooling, water tank and cooling pump inside the machine rear leg.

15. Lubrication

Centralized lubrication in saddle, standard with manual lubrication pump, optional for automatic lubrication pump.

16. Chip tray

Push-pull chip tray

17. Foot brake(optional accessory)

Direct control main motor to realize braking stop .

18. Bed

Accuracy finite element analysis, reasonable internal ribs layout, easy to remove chips, aging treatment, ensures thigh rigidity.

19. Chuck cover(optional)

Flip structure, explosion-proof material board, equipped with electrical switch interlocking.

20. Turret cover(optional)

Spiale structure, effective blocking of coolant and chips splashing.


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