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Shenyang Int'l Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. (YUWE Machine Tools) is a Chinese company with our Home Office located in Shenyang, China. Our Canadian company located in Mississauga, ON. Canada. We are building a strong business in E-commerce with the addition of a dedicated E-commerce Fulfillment Centre (EFC).


We strive to provide an outstanding shopping experience every time, with a unique blend of quality products, while embracing our traditional values and Royal Service. Our YUWE Machine tools Guarantee is that "No sale is final until you're satisfied". We guarantee to make it right. We will repair, replace or refund any product to ensure Customer satisfaction.


At YUWE Machine tools, we use the terms Team Member and Team Leader because we are all part of the same team working to create outstanding experiences for our Customers. Communication, clarity, and the proper resources are critical to our success. We encourage our team to take ownership of our business, which helps us all to develop and succeed.


We are a company with aspirations to grow profitably and we believe in readily sharing new ideas, information, results and profit with all of our Team Members. Our Team Members and the vendors that support us, are working hard towards achieving our goals.

Mission Statement

YUWE Machine tools is a Chinese based multi-channel retailer with a global vision. We serve the workshop and industrial markets by providing a Unique Blend of quality products, services and value based solutions to our Guests through an outstanding shopping experience.


Since the beginning, treating people well is what is at the heart of YUWE Machine tools. Although how we do things today is different from how we did them in the past, our core values, what we stand for, remains the same. How we do things and how we approach our business is as important as what we do. It is important to our people, it is important to our Customers and it is important to our partners. Through Teamwork, Ownership, People, Integrity and Community we are always trying to do the right thing the right way. It is what makes us a unique and fun place to work and shop.

Work for YUWE Machine Tools

The Retail world is increasingly competitive, and standing out from the crowd remains an ongoing challenge. At YUWE Machine tools, we strive to be unique and fun . . . in our product selection, our Team Members and in our Leadership. We share information. We value opinions and collaboration from all our people across the company, regardless of position or scope of responsibility and work as One Team to One Plan in a supportive environment. We strive to provide Royal Service, our high standard of serving not just our Customers, but each other, and it is a philosophy we embrace and demonstrate every day.

Join Our Team

If you agree our mission and values and want to join us, please contact:


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